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As a young child growing up in a poor family, Barros would often ask her widowed mother (her father died when she was four months old), why there were so many poor people around them.

A magna cum laude student in Anthropology at the University of Philippines in 1970 and with a penchant for poetry, Barros was also a student activist who later became one of the co-founders of the Malayang Kilusan ng Bagong Kababaihan (MAKIBAKA).

Ask anyone on the street who our heroes are; chances are the answers would often be Rizal, Bonifacio, Mabini, etc.

While they are indeed deserving of recognition, let us not forget that our history is full of women who have provided invaluable service to the country.

Using mostly crude weapons such as homemade shotguns (“”) and whatever else they could pilfer from the enemy, Nieves and her group made life hell for the Japanese, killing 200 of them during the resistance.

It got so bad for the Japanese that they had to put a 10,000-peso bounty on her head.

She contributed greatly to the revolution, helping her husband to secretly carry arms, ammunition, and foodstuffs from Manila to Cavite to the unit where he was assigned.

The photo shows her demonstrating to an American soldier how she would kill Japanese sentries with only a bolo.

It was also during this conflict where she lost two of her children to smallpox, but nevertheless she continued to struggle for Philippine independence.

Aside from being a great humanitarian, Lagos would also be remembered by the townspeople for personally making the first Philippine flag along with her four daughters.

She served her position well, soliciting for medical supplies and manpower from the townspeople.

Also Read: The hospital continued to operate under her supervision up until it was captured and destroyed by American forces during the Philippine-American War, forcing Nazaria and her family to flee.

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It was raised in the plaza in Dueñas on June 12, 1899 as part of the first anniversary of Philippine independence program held in Panay.

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