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I want to know what you think, what we should add, and what you want to read, so send me feedback by email or on Twitter @ZBerm. The statistic you’ll need to examine after Sunday’s Eagles-Broncos matchup will be turnover differential.

I don’t see the Eagles making a switch unless Elliott starts missing more kicks.

At this point, it certainly looks like the Eagles are in line for a first-round bye with the potential of the top seed. But I have the Seattle Seahawks as the favorite in the conference They’re so tough late in the season and have a lot of players who’ve won big games before.

It will likely determine whether the Eagles win their seventh consecutive game and enter the bye week with an 8-1 record, or whether Philadelphia fans will have two weeks to complain about a loss.

Von Miller to Carson Wentz testing Denver’s secondary to the changes in the Eagles’ running game.

But the Broncos’ undoing during their three-game losing streak has been turnovers. …What’s really big for me right now is down and distance. A lot of teams, they can tell you what they’re going to do with down and distance.” It seemed after the Broncos’ loss on Monday that this would be a possibility, so the Eagles prepared for it when they started their game-planning.

The Eagles must force turnovers on Sunday for another win. But watching whatever Coach tells us to watch, whether it’s different cut-ups, different games that those guys played. It changes because you’re studying the tendencies of the quarterback, but it’s the same offense and Brock Osweiler is a veteran that the Eagles could study. I don’t think the preparation has changed significantly, and there’s some familiarity with offensive coordinator Mike Mc Coy‘s scheme on the Eagles’ coaching staff.

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You need to respect what Minnesota, New Orleans, and the Los Angeles Rams have done.

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