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If you are a Fortuna customer, you can also send your question to [email protected] connect with us some other way. The acquisition was approved by regulatory authorities as well as by the shareholders of the Company.

Hattrick is the owner of the betting operator in Romania, Casa Pariurilor, the operator in Croatia, PSK, and B2B operations in Spain, Germany and other countries.

Though they have far more involved dishes, the basic spaghetti is our go-to.Bid as an Absentee If neither the time nor location of the auction is convenient for you, you are welcome to leave an absentee bid, which is the highest hammer price you’re willing pay for the lots you’re interested in.You communicate this by filling out an absentee bidder form with us—just call 212-389-9040 or email us.A maximum dining time of 90 minutes applies to all reservations and the time begins at the time of your reservation.Fortuna Buffet Restaurant is a fully licensed restaurant. Only cakes made by SKYCITY are permitted in SKYCITY's restaurants.

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