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In the ancient scrolls , anthropologists deciphered and described from the scriptures of how hollow animal horns were used and oral suction was applied to create a vacuum to drain toxins and draw out illnesses, whether they were bites, stings, infections or any other forms of disease in that era.With the pointed end of the horn pierced the horn was then placed on the surface of the skin.History also tells us that not only was cupping used for healing but they also had beliefs about what could enter the body and mind, such as evil spirits which could cause pain and suffering.Many researchers including anthropologists described how healers of these super naturalistic traditions applied oral suction to the surface of the body to withdraw the effects of these evil influences.Through all the different cultures and civilizations different forms of cupping vessels were used.Along shoreline of the west coast of North America, Vancouver Island, sea shells were used, In Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America, horns from various animals were made into cupping devices, among the Kelantanese Malays were buffalo horn.

The two main methods of cupping practised wildly throughout history and also documented in the Ebers Papyrus, and Hippocrates were, Bleeding or wet cupping and Dry cupping.Here are some of the names that cupping is referred to in other cultures; Hijamah / Hijama / Baguanfa / jiaofa / Bentusa / Vendouse, Gac Hoi / Bahnkes, Kyukaku / Ventosaterapia / SchrÖpftherapie / Kupa Cekme / Jiaofa / Bankovani / Ventouzzes and Vacuume Terapi.History also tells us of the cupping devices used in conducting the cupping technique.This led researchers to believe that cupping was indeed a Chinese invention and its practice was older than stated in recorded history.This ancient method has been proven effective against common disorders associated with the pulmonary system.

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