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The name and format of the upcoming series is still unknown, but it is speculated that the show will be Suzy announcing and discussing new fan material, like fanart, Game Grumps animated and remixes, making the Game Grumps fan content more known.On June 25th, 2014 a new intro debuted on Steam Train with the first episode of King's Quest VI on the show's one year anniversary.Her third channel, Kitty Kat Gaming is a Game Grumps affiliated channel hosted by Suzy.It features games played by her, as well as the occasional guest to tag along.Suzy made her official appearance two days later on Mount Your Friends.

On instagram Game Grumps posted a photo of Suzy with a text explaining that Suzy is working on a new fan showcase show on the Game Grumps channel.

As one of the queens of the hugely popular 80’s and 90’s music phenomenon Freestyle, Lil’ Suzy was the youngest artist in the music genre to earn the coveted title of Best New Dance Artist.

Check out our exclusive interview and photoshoot with Suzy, posted just days before she gave birth! At a time when most kids are playing tag on the playground, Suzanne Casale Melone (otherwise known as Lil’ Suzy) was shooting her first music video at one.

Suzy is often credited with helping on Arin's cartoons.

For Mental Health Awareness Month in May 2014 she made a video talking about mental illness and explained that she has Bipolar Manic depressive and has had it since she was about 14.

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