Brody and jade still dating

“I have always known you to be a gentleman and I’m very sorry that you were wrongly accused that night.” VIDEO: Joe Francis Denied Entry To Voyeur Nightclub But Nicole is fuming her one-time lover rolled over so easily.

“Jayde is infuriated by Brody’s comments,” a close source to the 24-year-old beauty told Radar

We only found out they were engaged at the end of last year but the media-savvy couple have apparently managed to get hitched in top secret.

have collided as stars Leighton Meester and Adam Brody have reportedly tied the knot.

Caroline began to send Nick a string of righteously indignant texts about his presumed cheating, and Jess suggested they call Berkley for advice since he’d written an e-book on befriending exes.

Let’s just overlook that this would be a completely absurd idea under any circumstances, let’s scoot right past Jess’s completely inappropriate text inviting Berkley over (“Babe”? ), and let’s put a pin in Nick’s assumption Berkley had only clung to his friendship with Jess in hopes they’d reunite (or at least have sex).

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Between inside jokes, talk of bamboo high chairs, and self-satisfied fatherhood metaphors, they were the kind of sanctimonious couple (broken up or not) you’d be slugging down bellinis at Sunday brunch to forget you’d ever become yoked to in the first place. And, since this is Nick Miller, he ignored it anyway and sent Caroline a terse text: “My bad. ” Nick’s disregard for the woman he left (for still unexplained reasons) was enough to send his jilted ex over the edge.

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