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After communicating several times, Huang Xiaoxiao agreed to an exclusive interview directly with this newspaper’s reporter on QQ but refused to meet face to face with this reporter.

She said that several days ago when she was playing piano at home, she received a call from her mother and learned that the video of her once abusing and killing an animal had been made public.

Recently, a video of rabbit abuse has been spreading wildly on the internet: A young girl wearing white place a plate of glass on top of a little white rabbit and sat on it until it was crushed to death.

Netizens human flesh searched this girl out to be Huang Xiaoxiao (pseudonym).“Fan Fan” said, her boss at the time had her begin with stepping on bread, gradually leading to her stepping on insects/bugs, lobsters, and rabbits.

While filming the video, the boss found several pretty girls that she did not know to accompany her, and even provided an English script, and pointed a tiny video camera at her.

The boss asked her to pretend to be very happy, and if she did not look happy enough, they would have to redo it.

Huang Xiaoxiao said, in her fourth year of school, her classmates and schoolmates were all busy looking for jobs or internships.

Her family doesn’t need her to work [they are rich], but seeing as how her schoolmates were all busy looking for jobs, she too submitted her CV onto the internet to save face, hoping to find work through her own efforts, and so her parents would not have to worry.

The first time she wore high heels, she even fell many times.Through visits, there were many schoolmates who testified that the girl wearing white in the video was Huang Xiaoxiao.There were also people who said that it looks like her but they couldn’t be certain.“I am suffering inside, and this is the punishment the animals have given me,” Huang Xiaoxiao says.This incident has exposed a trauma that she had suppressed for years, which is also a good thing, because it has allowed her a certain relief.

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Afterward, someone calling himself Brother Ran called her, inviting her to go do video sales.

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