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I’m never cruel but in these situations, I may be the only person who is going to be honest with you.

I knew that eventually, a combination of factors would start the shift in Sheila’s mentality where No Contact would become less about trying to avoid him but at the same time obsessing about him, and instead become more about seeing No Contact as the beginning and an opportunity for positive growth and change.

The reality is: everything we say about why we can’t cut the contact is an excuse.

But at some point, if you’re committed to you, and stick to living in the reality, the truth of these assclowns is unavoidable and suddenly, never seeing them again or not speaking to them is the most natural thing in the world because you realise that what you’ve been doing so far benefit you.

Throughout history, science has proven to be a transformative force that advances rapidly.

I think at that point I will be pissed off and leave him behind and move on.

Seems nothing changes except my hopes from high to low..

Scienitsts are known for acquiring knowledge, making discoveries and inventions.

All of this they are doing whitin a societal, economic and political context.

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