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I mean, Kang Kwon-Joo is badass, she has Daredevil hearing, she studied abroad to become the very best at what she does and she convinced her bosses to give her Golden Time Team. However, right after she meets Goodguy Moo Jin-Hyuk she suddenly cannot even protect herself without a man. stopppppppppppppp shaking the camera !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought think Dae Sik is the killer because his voice matches that of the killer 80%, but his smile, lip, and nose do not. I am glad that GJ stood up for her team against corrupted cops.! Hana,now can you tell me if you choose Voice over Our Gab Soon because of the excellent script and suspense?? but the camera is just moving around so fast and i have to focus the screen too much which led me to have headache.

well actually i always think that OCN as usual there's no drama that really get me. don't know why but the plot is unpredictable and makes you curious. I am so happy to know that i was not the only one hoping for that twisted romance! Kwan Joo and Jin Hyuk were on his "list" but the way he looks at her is a little different; I feel Ma Tae Go would have been a different person if he had the right person beside him to guide him and show him love/care that he has never experienced before. How i wish Kwan Joo could have been that person to him!? I love catching when tae gu have attract to kwon joo they both are psychopath haha! it's much more thrilling than how's Tae Gu killed his victims.. To recognize the heroes main efforts in catching all the bad guys, and reperations/condolences that they deserved... And they listed the names of the charcters in the series who died. Amazing drama with spectacular acting shown from every actor that made an appearance! Jang Hyuk is always amazing, so I don't need to say much. This is one of the best dramas I have seen in some time. Love who you picked for the male lead and female lead. I'm so glad ocn is creating 16 eps crime dramas now. I hope I can see her again in her next action drama. Kim jae wook..., it's the first time I saw you and get so attached of the way you act, makes me search more of your earlier dramas & movies. Heavy breathing, robotic stare, no facial expressions, and her eyes become partially closed when she gives her lines. If it weren't for the lead female, Lee Ha-na, this drama would have been enjoyable. i came here because of yesung tho haha One of the best dramas to start the year in crime genre. I guess it's better whoever actresses dropped this, coz LHN is doing it better. good drama ,actors ..moving camera, too much ,trying to read subs...getting dizzy....ruined drama,,you have international people looking at your dramas .new cameraman .is third drama doing this.not watch anymore ,,with too much moving camera This show is hands down the best action and crime show going on right now! so I guess a number of viewers must have dropped this drama out from their watch list...

When the first episode was aired, I had some kind of hesitance to watch this as I have never seen the lead actress in any drama or movie. She is tuff in front of her subordinates, but inside filled with a lot of sorrows, hatred towards the culprit who killed her father while she begged not to etc.. i will be looking forward to see you both in other dramas.. It hurts to see Gwonjoo and jin hyuk lost their love ones. According to this drama,the serial killer was caught by KGJ. So if there was no KGJ, MJH still believes that his wife's killer was Dong Chul. her role is supposed to be cold and analytical and she was effective on that some people just have their own expectations not realizing that the actress is playing the character demanded of her Preview for Ep 15 still wasn't released? I enjoy this drama well, script and casts are the bests. So expecting a thrilling fight scene between two of them..

VOICE is one of the excellent dramas I have ever watched under detective, crime, thriller genre in any language such as English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. First of all if I tell about the actors here, THUMBS UP GUYS… Even though, I had seen Jan Hyuk in his previous dramas, never seen Lee Ha Na and Kim Jae Wook before this drama. But I guess this is the character of her (LHN) re-discovery. She was feminine and she showed her feelings such as nervousness, hesitating, sadness etc.. She showed KGJ is not a type of Super Man, but a human being in a uniform. It hurts when KJW's childhood ruin because of his father. She has her soft side being a loveable daughter who have lost her Dad, you can feel that she is hurting inside. I think it would be perfect remake of Nodame cantabile. I dont get why some people find lee ha na's acting actually good what do you expect her acting should he for her character? This is still ep 12 peehaps mo taek goo has a twin? It would be ineresting if those both killer meet lol. (I hope the bad man, MTG is not as weak as the bad man who was in LOTBS).

But don't get too attached to the new voice actor (or actress) ... Great drama, good suspense, but something is bothering me since episode one ... And a badge, and she can't even convince a lady pimp to cooperate with the law without needing Goodguy on her back. even though the drama didn't focus much on characterization n has questionable plotholes but the goal n intention of this drama itself is beautiful n badass. And im still suspicious about dae sik, we don't know anything about him and he has been around alot on all the episodes.. The killer's lips is kind of different from Kim Jae-wook imo (yes I was distracted by his lipseu) But, in a more important note, has anybody found Oh Yeon Ho's Face Book? Such a bad director.....:((((((((((((((((((((((((( I think the killer is kim jae wook, I looked for his photos. i felt the killer looked great in suit with a bit longer hair.Why can no female lead stand up for herself and fight on their own? It's insulting, but hey that's just me wanting some decent representation. hopefully he is not a bad guy and that they would show us a little background on him, i wanna know why he cares so much for detective moo everytime he's in danger and how they became buddies... lolol that Chanyeol cameo surprised me Camera man.. His nose, smile, lip match those of the killer in the epi 1. so i was surprised initially that they sd its nam tae (Kim Roe-Ha). Although im still contemplating bec its impossible that they revealed the killer already OMG! Lee ha na...strong character you have portrayed GJ very well! This drama’s directing, music, background songs, sets, writing, casts sound effects, editing, art directing etc.. But the shaky camera was the only weak point I found in this drama and sometimes it badly affected to read subtitles too. Only one episode is left and every other episode which were telecast upto now were so good n felt like watching a movie. A nice drama under crime, thriller, directive genre. i have suspicion from the beginning, and it makes me clear after the murderer killed gwonjoo's father. It reminded me of my fav drama Ghost (Phantom) starring So Ji Sub. I liked the drama so much and I was impatient to watch the next episode every week and I felt just like watching a movie. Your superb acting brought this drama a higher status. i will miss watching all the great actors of Voice.. Therefore, the killer must have a special grudge against KGJ as he experienced how she caught him as the killer of their relatives and hope it will be shown in the very last episode which is going to be aired today. Everything is good in this drama, all the casts, writers. As the Shaky camera had reduced it's movements, could watch it. i just watched ep 3 and i already know who the murderer is.

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