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In my 33 years of life I’ve carried a child in my stomach for a total of 18 months, and I’ve breastfed for, roughly, 2 years total.As you fellow mommies know, even if your weight stays the same, your body reorganizes in sometimes unwanted positions with hard earned tiger strips aka life scars aka love reminders, aka stretch marks.If you haven’t been for a wax or professional tweeze in a long time, go now!Keep your teeth white This one goes without saying: yellow teeth are bad for your (new) image. Most guys don’t want to share your lipstick when going in for a kiss.) Don’t be too matchy-matchy Perfectly matched outfits are super outdated. Try different colors and fabrics, scarves, and coats for your ensemble.When balancing kids, job, budgets, household management, meals, dating, and divorce stress, it’s easy to forget about ourselves.But a “refresh” may be just what the doctor ordered.Not only is shaving years off your look rather simple (and inexpensive), it’s a great emotional pick-me-up.Color your hair Dull or grey locks add years to your appearance.

If you’re going heavy on the face powder, it’s sitting in your wrinkles and highlighting them (not a good look, I assure you! Less is best and neutral shades are most flattering, like rose, nude, apricot and peach.I typically wear flirty skirted bottoms because I like a little more coverage on my bottom half.I might need to give some high waisted bottoms a try though.This crop top didn’t have support built in, so I found a black and white bikini top that did have support to wear underneath the crop top. My stomach has stretch marks I prefer to keep under wraps, so I like to look for high waisted bottoms. If I have a one piece, I like to have the high cut to show a little extra leg.The bikini top I wore under the crop top for support…

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Warm, natural hues are the most youthful and will soften the appearance of facial wrinkles. (If you’re using loads of product or are going through a can of hairspray every few days, you’re doing something wrong.) Even if you like your hair, if you haven’t tried something different in a decade, it’s time for a switch.

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